About me

About me?
As weird as self introductions always seem to go, and always seem to start with “my name is..” like some kind of support group introduction.. here is mine: My name is Lynette Lombaard, and I am a Wife,  a Mother,  an aspiring Photographer, a Perfectionist,  and a Graphic Designer ;-)

What I do?
I specialize in professional Graphic and Website Design. I also do photography on an amateur basis.

Where it started?
I was one of the first few students to enroll at Concept Interactive’s then brand new Johannesburg Branch and completed a certificate in Graphic Design (Digital Design Boot Camp).  During my time at Concept I worked on Mac and PC and used Programs such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I also gained invaluable experience in Deep Etching thanks to an opportunity organized for us by our tutors which included us deep etching about 150 photographs of pool equipment for a company.

Since then I have accumulated a lot of experience in my field. I have learned to use Illustrator, Indesign and Coral Draw for layout although my firm favorite remains Photoshop.  I have worked on a number of projects that give me real world skills and have learned to problem solve and push through, meet deadlines, work to briefs, work to existing company brand and still provide excellent work.

Where I am now?
I am currently working on a long term contract basis for a company in Durban with the goal of this turning into a permanent position. As a result I am no longer available as a freelance Graphic designer.  I enjoy photography and continue to learn and aspire to take my photography to a professional level.  I also do social media management and have worked in most social media platforms on a business/advertising level.  (I have worked with Vinyl and Chromadek, Signage such as shark fins and pull up banners, flyers, business cards and other paper orientated mediums and Perspex, stretched canvas and abs. For a full list of skills, please see here) Lastly, my hobbies include most types of craft – I enjoy working with mediums such as Mosaic, Acrylic or Oil Paint or Pencil.

Where I am going?
When a person owns your own business, it gives you the kind of experience that few will ever understand.. Only the few that have owned their own business posses the ability to understand business. To understand the cost involved, to understand the risk and the stress and to be able to handle that and keep on keeping on – that has taught me invaluable life lessons like never giving up, even when everyone has given up on you and to keep chasing your dreams. That being said my hope is to continue growing. We have chosen to relocated to Durban to set this in motion and while working,  I continue to look for opportunities to further myself. I am also really enjoying Photography at the moment and hope to grown my career in that field as well.