Durban street photography and Instagram

Recently I was invited to join a couple of local Instagrammers on a trip through #durbanstreets. I figured I would tag along, after all an opportunity to meet people and take photos is always one not to be missed. I must admit excited as I was, I was unprepared for the wonderland that is street photography. There are so many nooks and crannies to be discovered in this glorious city, and although we didn’t go very far there was a wealth of photographic opportunities in the somewhat derelict and forsaken old part of Durban CBD.

I have always enjoyed Instagram. I believe it is a wonderful platform for up and coming photographers like myself to be seen and discovered, however there is also so much more. A sense of community and friendship has developed amongst the local crew and I love it. There are always those few that hope to be lifted up and gain importance, that develop big heads and arrogance as a result of a little attention. That is to be expected, there will always be those that cannot handle it. Contrary to their popular belief though, they are the minority. The majority of the Durban Instagrammers and in fact even those I follow who are not from around here are the most dynamic group of down to earth friendly individuals I have met in a long while. No pretences, just regular “I am who I am” kind of people.

We went for a coffee to meet and greet before we started and ended off with “sad it’s over” goodbyes and the exchanging of instagram handles. I left that day with a ton of awesome #streetphotography shot’s to add to my portfolio, a new group of friends and a sence of #durbanproud #communityfirst that I don’t recall ever experiencing before.