My top 5 photos? I think not!

I think it’s quite obvious that I love taking photos! I take hundreds of photos and you will more often than not find me behind my camera at just about any event or expedition. Not surprising then that my current photographic portfolio consists of over 300 photos unlike most other professional photographers that feature only their very best and only a minimal amount. I love photos, photography and colour and I find it near impossible to choose only “the best”. Each photo tells a story and a series of photos of a particular event or experience is like reading a book. If I had to tear out the pages of a book, and give you only the most important and read worthy pages you would be left with half a story and those pages would become worthless. I do have my favourites of course but those favourites fit into a story, like a favourite part in a book and are not meant to be withdrawn from the rest, as it is the leading up to that part that makes it all the more read worthy. I encourage you to visit my photographic portfolio, and look for the story in the photo’s – look at the world through my lense and let me tell you a story.