Lynette has been creating art in various forms since 2000, and has over 14 years of experience within the professional creative industry. She had her first big break when embarking on her own small scale design and printing business in the sleepy town of Hartswater in the Northern Cape. 

Seeking bigger and better things and feeling the call of the ocean she later relocated to Durban in Kwazulu Natal, and went on to first establish and later head up the design department for a large FMCG in the Haircare industry. There she worked predominantly on new product development and packaging. During this time she also took on the goal of pursuing a degree in Communication Science.

After a brief stint in Johannesburg resulting from a company merger, Lynette found herself back in Durban where she had left her heart by the sea. She moved on to establishing and heading up the Creative and Communication department in an SMME startup within the Development and Tech industry. After a 3 year journey of almost full time studying for her degree while also working full time, she proudly and successfully graduated with 16 distinctions.  

Lynette is well versed and equipped to set up creative departments and guide and manage the creative communication process strategically, including anything from internal & external communications, branding and user experience to graphic design, app design and conceptualisation.  She is skilled in UX, Web/App & DTP Design, Process flow development, Communication Science and the Adobe Suite.

She also has a strong passion for visual art, and spends most of her free time creating commercial art pieces and commissions with a focus primarily on acrylic and watercolour painting as well as mosaic art. Though her art style could be classed as a mix of modern and contemporary she prefers to simply portray and illustrate whatever she finds beautiful in a way that brings to life her colourful view of life and beauty.


With over 14 years of experience in the design industry, and 6 years of experience in establishing and heading up departments both in communications and design, I can confidently take on almost any design task from significant product development to single banners or posters. This includes physical design implementation, end-user experience creation from a strategic standpoint, staffing requirements, standard operating procedures and management of projects and people.

With a unique design style, I provide an innovative new take on advertising material, or can comfortably align with existing branding guidelines and meet expected results. I am proficient in most forms of design including pre press setup for complex packaging layouts and can work on anything from desktop publishing, point of sale and packaging to app, digital and website design.

Communication is the most vital yet overlooked part of any creative strategy or brand. I believe this starts with a client/user’s perception and includes factors such as support and client services, turn-around times and maintaining commitments right up to addressing barriers to entry, ease of use, product experience and user delight.  I am passionate about communication with a customer/stakeholder-driven (relationship) approach. 

I aim to build and improve brands, from the values and personality to the corporate identity and creative strategy, ensuring the customer is well looked after and relates to the product and brand values. I believe customer satisfaction and delight will facilitate sales and that marketing material is a tool used to communicate and encourage brand understanding. By the same token, internal communication is equally as critical to a healthy, well-functioning team.