Founder | Creative & Communications Director | Artist

Art by Lynette Lombaard

I have been creating art in various forms for as long as I can remember. I have over 14 years of experience within the professional creative industry and a strong passion for visual art. I think with my creative background it was natural that I would want to surround myself with art in as many ways as possible.

I spend most of my free time creating commercial art pieces and commissions with a focus primarily on acrylic and watercolour painting, but I also enjoy mosaic art. Though my art style could be described as a mix of modern and contemporary, I prefer to simply portray and illustrate whatever I find beautiful in a way that brings to life my colourful view of the world around me.

I explore my creativity by focusing on the things that I love most, which also forms part of my biggest inspiration. I love the ocean, wild and free. I love the wild and rugged outdoors, teeming with life and beauty, I love animals of all sorts, I love South Africa, and I love colour!

Creative and Artistic skills include the following: