Digital · August 12, 2019

Bring Sandra Home

The #BringSandraHome project was something I was extremely proud to have been involved in. Sandra Moonsamy was kidnapped out of her vehicle in Pinetown in 2019 and held hostage for over 5 months. I was privileged to be involved behind the scenes with website creation and communications around her case for the Together SA CAN (NPO).

We strategically created a website that would provide news and updates on the case, and allow for members of the public to provide anonymous information on her whereabouts, as well as share messages of support. There were certain elements of the website backend that was designed for other tracking purposes in support of the SAPS in the hopes of luring the perpetrators out as well.

This case, and the website created started another big part of the Together SA CAN (NPO) organisations which was that of Specialised Victim Support which I am also still involved with on a daily basis. In the meantime, the original #BringSandraHome website was amalgamated into the Specialised Victim Support platform which now covers many cases – you can visit the website here: You can also read an article that was published about the platform here: