Digital · March 20, 2020

CodeRed Project

The CodeRed project was a small project that we implemented at Together SA CAN (NPO) & TrackBox Technologies to put a focus on Air Support in KwaZulu Natal. The organisation has a relationship with Netcare 911 and so a drive was created for our members to highlight the fact that Netcare 911 had brought in a new helicopter into the province for patient transport in dire emergency situations.

The goal was to draw attention to the new machine, creating awareness and highlighting our affiliation to Netcare which would mean our members may be able to make use of the machine under certain circumstances. We tracked the number of cases in which air support was provided via Netcare 911 through our emergency control room. The reason for the barometer was because in order for Netcare 911 financially to be able to keep the helicopter in the province they required a certain number of flights and so the driving of awareness helped more people to know that the helicopter was available.