Concept / Packaging / Point of Sale · August 23, 2016

Inecto SuperBlack Naturals

Due to the market saturation of competitor brands and the move of consumers to be more conscious of hair care products, a decision was taken to introduce a natural variation of Inecto SuperBlack. There was a need for fast action in order to be first to market and thus, this project was rolled out from concept to launch in only 1 month.

The objective was to get to market very quickly, to keep the rectangular shape to speed up processing and to rather find alternate ways to make it impactful. The sachet option was chosen for cost-effectiveness as well as to minimize cannibalization.

The focus was on the creme colour experience and the use of less harsh chemicals. I incorporated a lot of visual cues of natural elements to ingrain this while still maintaining the heritage of Inecto SuperBlack and the branding that are so well known and recognised by consumers.