Digital · June 27, 2019

MDDR CoDriver

MDDR CoDriver is an application that was already in existence when I joined the organisation and was developed to function similar to a flight recorder, in that should something happen to you, your loved ones would have the ability to request assistance, and that a trained and authorised senior case manager would access the application from the back end, and would then be able to track your location or use your device’s camera or recorder to establish your whereabouts.

The app was also updated to include the ‘CoDriver’ component which was a digital seatbelt, which would block the user from making use of their phone for social media, texting or calling while driving and helped provide accountability to the user and tie in with the drive that we were doing at the time to curb texting and driving – this was also to be incorporated into the insurance industry as a way of investigating driver behaviour leading to accidents.

Due to the nature of this app, there are many fairly complicated permissions that the user needs to enable, and terms and conditions that the user needs to agree to. As a result, the app was too complicated for general users, creating a barrier to entry and app adoption was low.

I developed a process flow to streamline and improve the apps installation process and take users through a setup wizard. The wizard served two purposes, the first was to help talk the user through the set-up process and the second was to help users to understand why these permissions were needed. I also incorporated additional informative pages such as how to uninstall, and the 6 step authentication process to help users understand the level of security and process around the app to help curb concerns over the app.

I also redesigned the app from a visual perspective to help create a more user-friendly experience and to tie the design into the organisations overall brand guideline. During this build, I managed the development team from a project management perspective in order to ensure that the app was updated according to spec.