Packaging · November 23, 2017

Renew Perfect Colour

The Renew Perfect Colour range was a bold new to market take on hair colour, which included a pre-lightening system to ensure vibrant and bold hair colour for the consumer. At the time, there were very few bold colours in the market and the average South African did not really walk around with pink hair.

I was responsible for the design of this packaging from concept to launch which included the structural concept of the pack itself, which started out as a triangular lid that closed from the side, the pack design, inner elements, model retouching, research and all supporting elements.

I provided concept artwork including mood boards and worked with the marketing team to streamline and roll out the final concept across all 8 SKUs. We decided to stick to one stock model in order to make the bold hair colour the hero and I colour corrected the model’s hair and hair swatches to match each pack. I worked with the Product Development & Integrity manager to match the hair colour to the sample swatches to ensure that the colour was truly representative of the colour in the box. I also created the instruction leaflet from scratch as well as other inner element labels included in the box.

The target market was the younger, fashion-forward and brave generation of Renew baseline users and we wanted to include a colourful mood board and bold design on the pack to really represent that. The goal was for this to be a flagship to Renew, making the statement that Renew is better than the best. We aimed to be disruptive in a category already full of disruption. In addition, it was important to bring simplicity to potentially highly complex offering due to the several step process of first pre-lightening and then colouring and also to clearly mark the parameters involved (such as the fact that this does not work on dark hair and that hair must be pre-lightened to the correct level first in order to achieve the desired effect etc.

This launch helped to propel the Renew Brand to the number one position in market and value share which was a huge achievement for the team and an incredibly proud moment for me.