Packaging · February 29, 2016

SuperBlack Packaging

SuperBlack is not only the oldest brand in the Godrej SA portfolio but also the market leader in the category. As a result of this and its long heritage, it is somewhat of the holy grail of brands for the organisation. The brand can not be changed or altered as far as possible in order to ensure that the strong visual recognisability remains intact for its consumer base.

There was however a significant counterfeit problem particularly in less regulated African countries, and to combat this the decision was taken to include the Godrej logo onto the pack in order to allow for this to fall under trademarking agreements and thus provide some protection.

During this time I put several concept options forward for ways in which to include elements of the Godrej brand on the packaging and allow it to stand out more, without compromising on the heritage and recognisability of the brand. These concepts were used in formal consumer research to determine the impact of these changes on the consumer, and the resulting findings led to the decision that only minimal changes be included.